Friday, March 16, 2018

Bergen County Auto Body Repair Shop

Car Body Repairs - History of Auto Body Repair 

Similar to the vehicles we drive around today, the auto repair industry has gone through a great deal of change over the years. Bergen County Auto Body Repair Shop's were required to keep up with the newly emerging technology that was coming out each year. Henry Ford was one of the first men to mass produce vehicles and offer them to the public. Back in 1908, there was no sign of auto body shops, as they were not used by the general public, which forced people to turn to bicycle repairmen and machinists to help them with their vehicles. However, as the growth and use of vehicles boomed, there were more and more auto body repair shops opening in various areas.

As we entered the 1920’s there was a lot of vehicles on the road, which means more drivers were looking to get their vehicles repaired. To help keep up with the flow of damaged vehicles, car manufacturers started to manufacture various parts that were required to help repair the vehicles on the road. These parts were distributed to both private repair companies and dealerships, who could help get people back on the road. This was seen up until the early 1940’s as after the great depression there was a huge decline.

However, after the Second World War, we saw an economic boom hit North America, and that brought forward automotive companies, and thus the rise of auto body shops boomed again. By the 1960’s we saw a great change in vehicles on the road, as they were getting better and more modern by the day. People also started looking for custom work, that is when Bergen County auto body shops included custom detailing and started to work on vehicles.

With the passage of time vehicles became more efficient, but the need for auto repair shops kept on growing. Accidents or car trouble were the kind of unforeseen incidents that led to the growth of Bergen County auto body shops. Moreover, these auto body shops offered specific services that make sure that the vehicle is being returned in perfect condition. Professional auto body shops keep the top of the line equipment, that offers more safety, quality, and reliable work, allowing drivers to head out on the road with complete confidence.

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