Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Collision Repair in Fair Lawn, NJ

Have you gotten into an accident in your car or light-duty truck? To restore you vehicle back to pre-accident conditions, expert attention to detail is recommended.

When your vehicle is involved in something small like a fender bender, or something larger like a multi-car pile up, you will be in need of collision repair in Fair Lawn NJ. Collision repair is more than just banging out dents, so you want someone who has the experience and the knowledge of what kind of damage collisions can cause, and how to fix it.

Tri Boro Auto Body's professional collision repair technicians have the training, experience, and expertise to understand that you deserve prompt service to get your car back on the road without delay. Our commitment to your satisfaction begins when you enter our collision repair shop, where we offer affordable collision repair in Fair Lawn NJ and a lifetime guarantee on our work. When your vehicle is being repaired at Tri Boro Auto Body, we will work with the local car rental companies to make sure you still have reliable transportation. Trust our professional technicians in our collision repair shop that stand behind their work and pride themselves to fix your vehicle to your satisfaction.

When you visit our specialists regarding collision repair in Fair Lawn NJ, you can expect them to review with you exactly how the accident happened. Then, they will fully inspect your vehicle to locate all damage, especially damage that is not immediately visible. Once they have an idea of the damage, your collision repair technician will provide an estimate that details the cost of the repair job including parts and labor. We will work with all car insurance companies to help you cover the cost of your repairs. They will also be able to give you an estimate for how long your repairs should take.

Once you agree to the estimate, work begins. Your collision repair technician will:
  • Carefully remove parts of your car as needed to get easier access to damaged areas
  • Pound out any dents, large and small
  • Straighten bent or twisted frames
  • Weld any severed metal parts back together
  • Repair or replace fenders, doors, side view mirrors, or other parts
  • Repair or replace the windshield or any other damaged glass
  • Realign and re-balance wheels
  • Repair and realign headlights and/or tail-lights
  • Sand and smooth repaired surfaces
  • Repaint any repaired sections with primer and a finish coat
We work with residents in need of collision repair in Fair Lawn NJ and all of Bergen County New Jersey, including the following towns:

The next time your car or light-body truck has any damage from a collision, make sure you bring it over to Tri Boro Auto Body to ensure prompt and quality service for an affordable price.

For more information about expert collision repair in Fair Lawn NJ, call Tri Boro Auto Body at (201) 791-4118.