Monday, March 2, 2020

Collision Repair Estimate in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for collision repair in Bergen County, NJ? Tri-Boro Auto Body specializes in collision repair in Bergen County, NJ.
Car accidents are as inevitable as those unprepared questions in exams that take you by surprise and blow away your mind. You know, no matter how many times you have mugged up your lessons or how hard have you have prepared for your semesters but one of the questions in your exam paper is going to make you wonder where did that come from?

Now, it is important to understand that car accidents have nothing to do with how excellent of a driver you are or how good are your driving skills because even if you turn out to be the best driver out there, you cannot just take the responsibility of all the other drivers running on the roads in Bergen County, NJ.

Hence, it is usually a good idea to know what you should do post-accident, how you should calculate your collision repair estimate, whom you should call, etc. It will come in handy. Therefore here is the check-list that you need to go through if you have met with an unfortunate accident!

  • Call the police

  • If you have had a small accident, it is possible that the police won’t be sent. However, it is usually a good step to check if a patrol officer can come down to survey the crash scene. 

  • Be calm

  • We know how difficult it is to hold your calm in such situations, but consider it an important step. Don’t let go of your calmness and cool mind. Hold your horses and your tongue! 

  • Don’t accept the responsibility of the accident

  • Okay, this one is not to say that you should not take the responsibility, but it is rather to say that let the police and insurance company decide who is at fault in the situation. This is because it is possible that when you were driving you missed some action that caused the accident. Hence let your insurance agent arrive and take the situation into account. He might be also able to tell you your collision repair estimate. 

  • Use your camera

  • Use your phone camera to take pictures of the collision site before the scene is disturbed. This is important proof and will come in handy in collecting your collision repair estimate.

  • Call your insurance agent

  • Call your agent and let him know about the accident. He will analyze the situation and hopefully give you a collision repair estimate. 

    So, these are some post-accident measures that you can take to ensure that your collision repair estimate can be collected smoothly.

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