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Auto Body Repair Bergen County

Are you looking for auto body repair in Bergen County, NJ? Tri-Boro Auto Body specializes in auto body repair in Bergen County, NJ.

How an Autobody Repair is completed.

Auto Body Repair Shop Bergen County, NJ

Every time your vehicle leaves the driveway to different places, it stands the risk of being prone to damage. However, there is nothing to fear. Even if you notice some kind of visual flaws on your vehicle after making some trips, Auto Body Repair Shop Bergen County, NJ

is here to help you take care of this prized possession! Since it was quite important to have your car checked from time to time, Being familiar with the different types of auto body repair is important to help you make the right decisions when it comes to car repair.


The following are some of the most common types of auto body and collision repair techniques offered by  Triboro


Auto Body Filler

There are some kinds of dents and impacts that can cause your vehicle to require Auto body filler for proper fixing. It is important to note that body fillers are durable, long-lasting and adaptable to fit any required shape, this is why they are bespoke for this kind of repair process. 

How it is used.

Auto body fillers are used to fill in dents, dings and other scratches on the body of your vehicle to smoothen the body of the vehicle. After the application of the auto body filler, pain is re-applied layer by layer to ensure that it is adequately covered.


Paintless Dent Repair

In cases where you want to run on a low budget, there is an alternative form of auto body repairs that can be utilized and it is called paint-less auto body repair. 

How it works

Here, the technician pops the dent out or taps it out depending on the most suitable method for your vehicle. The Popping or tapping is usually done from the backside of the panel. After this is completed, there is usually no need to spray the vehicle again.


Auto Body Panel Replacement

Some of the other replacement techniques do not require several protocols. For Auto body panel replacement, the body panel is usually replaced on the go!

How it works

The affected panel is removed and replaced. The body panels may include hoods, trunk lids, doors, quarter panels, bumpers, fenders and others.


Auto Painting

Since paint can become damaged in accidents or due to weather-related issues, you might desire to give your vehicle a brand new look after it might have encountered some collision, then you might want to opt for Auto Painting.

How it works.

Auto Painting involves reinstating the factory finish of a vehicle. Here, the vehicle is completely repainted to give the perfect look that you desire. To give a vehicle a brand new look or to reinstate its factory finish a vehicle may need to be completely repainted. 

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