Monday, January 30, 2017

Collision Repair in Bergen County, NJ

If you have unfortunately been involved in an accident and the body of your car damaged in the process, you need the services of a qualified auto body and collision repair service provider to restore the body of the vehicle.  At Tri Boro Auto Body, we want to offer you some tips on how choosing an auto body shop that provides collision repair in Bergen county NJ. Here are some other things that play in the collision repair process.

Collision Repair in Bergen County, NJ 
How do you deal with the insurance company?
Before leaving the scene of the accident have a police report on the accident and call your motor vehicle insurance company. They will send a representative or access the police analysis report.

Once that is sorted, they may recommend you to take the car to a given auto service shop. However, you can have the vehicle repaired in any other shop that is recognized by the insurance company if you are not comfortable with their choice. Have a professional collision repair company do an estimate of the cost of repairs and send them to the insurance company. This eases the process of getting the claims processed.

Can a damaged frame be repaired?
A car’s frame that has not been permanently weakened by kink and tear can be repaired. However, serious damage to the frame may need replacements of the frame component section. Most of the light cars nowadays have a uni-body; meaning, much of the car’s core is part of the frame. Repairing such frames require accuracy for the sake of the car’s safety. 

Determining how long the repairs will take
The length of time that the vehicle will take to be repaired depends on the models of the vehicle, the availability of the parts that require replacement and extent of the damage on the car. A good estimate takes an estimate of about four hours a day without including holidays and weekends. The repair shop can also give you a rough estimate of time that will be taken to repair the car.

How do you choose a qualified collision repairs shop
Start by looking at collision repair shops that in your insurer’s list of recommended service centers. You may also check best recommended body repair shops on the internet or from friends. Ensure that the shop has certifications such as ASE certification, I-car, or any other frame machine certification.

We have all of our certifications and license to work in the field of collision repair. To learn more about us at Tri Boro Auto Body and our collision repair in Bergen county NJ, please call us today at 201-791-4118. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Auto Body Repair in Bergen County, NJ

Auto Body Repair
How much do you need your car? You use your car to run errands, get to and from work, and to travel across town and on other occasions across the state. When you are involved in an accident, whether a minor or major accident, you get concerned about how to get your car back on the road in the shortest time possible. At Tri Boro Auto Body, we offer auto body repair in Bergen county New Jersey to get you back on the road faster.

The first stage of our auto body repair is bringing your car in for assessment. After assessing we will recommend for either replacements or repair of the damaged components and parts, depending on what is the most effective way. We will make to repair areas that are more costly and retain the original equipment. Damages such as dents, scratch, plastic and fiberglass and dings we can repair rather than replace.

Replacing/removal parts
Auto Body Repair in Bergen County, NJ
We know the importance of retaining the original part of your car and the how conscious you are with the costs. Therefore, we first consider repair before replacing, in case of replacements, we offer solutions that are cost effective and more importantly, safe. These parts come from vehicles that are no longer road ready, but still can function and adhere to safety.

Spot painting
Auto Body Repair in Bergen County, NJ
Sometimes turning a car that was involved in an accident, to the car that you love might just need a simple thing as a touch-up. So whether it’s your bumper, door or hood that needs a spot painting or touch up, we offer you affordable, easy and reliable options you will enjoy. We make some adjustments to areas that need repairs and do panel cleaning and block sanding to give your car a precise and flawless surface for painting. Then we ensure accurate blending of the old and new paint by using multiple masking processes so that it won't even look like the car was even damaged.

We carefully buff and polish your car restoring that shine to the car's paint, clear coat and get the damaged area looking as good as new. It is our priority to sand, buff and polish away all little imperfection on your car and with our finishing process, we can assure you a job that’s more than well done, it’ll be seamless.

To learn more about Tri Boro Auto Body’s auto body repair in Bergen county New Jersey, please call us at (201) 7981-4118.