Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NJ Manufacturers Direct Repair Shop in NJ

Are you looking for a NJ Manufacturers Direct repair shop in NJ? Tri-Boro Auto Body works directly with your insurance carrier to bring your damaged vehicle back to pre-accident conditions. Our company has been providing customers with quality repairs for over 30 years.

Our skilled auto mechanics believe that customer satisfaction comes first, so we work hard to complete repairs efficiently and promptly. From cars to light-duty trucks, we strive to erase signs of accident damage. 

At Tri-Boro Auto Body, we understand that your vehicle is a necessary part of your daily routine. If you car is damaged, but still in driving condition, we will schedule and appointment that works with your schedule. But if the damages obtained affect your vehicles operation, we work efficiently and promptly so your car repairs will be finished without delay. We also work closely with local rental car agencies to ensure your day to day is not affected while your car is being worked on. 

Our experienced technicians are here for you to perform expert auto body repair and return your vehicle's appearance to pre-accident conditions. We know your car is very important to you and your lifestyle. It’s our duty to make sure we return your vehicle in pristine and optimal condition. 

We have the experience and the skills necessary to help reconcile the issues your vehicle is having. Over time your vehicle is prone to natural wear and tear. Components come undone or just stop working completely. If your car or light-duty truck has been in an accident and received damages, you want to ensure that your car is taken care of by trusted mechanics.

For more information about our NJ Manufacturers Direct Repair Shop in NJ, call Tri-Boro Auto Body at (201) 791-4118.

Tri-Boro Auto Body- Your trusted NJ Manufacturers Direct repair shop in NJ!