Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bergen County Auto Body Repair Shop

A reputable Bergen County auto body repair shop is the most convenient way to take care of your car in case  body work is needed. Building a long lasting relationship with a reputable auto body repair shop has many benefits to car owners. Here are a few:

Computerized color matching

Nowadays, technology is everywhere, including in auto shops. One benefit of using a reputable auto body repair shop, is that you are guaranteed the use of modern technology to assist in color matching. This process ensures that they get exactly the right paint match for your car body needs. This ensures that no matter what kind of damage your car body took, it can be repainted so that your new paint matches with
the old and no one can see where your car was damaged.

Expert frame repair services

A reputable auto body repair shop uses advanced technology to provide professional frame repair services. The kind of technology makes repair more efficient. If your car frame was damaged in an accident, it’s important to get it repaired and restored to its former glory using trustworthy body repair shops. In particular, the shops have computerized frame measuring for safe and perfect car body alignment.

Custom body painting

A custom paint job can be provided for a variety of cars including trucks, SUVs, limos, and more. Whether it’s for custom striping, fadeouts, flames or other designs, a well-established body shop can handle the painting job.

Dent removal

In case of an accident, your car can have little or big dents that need the services from your body repair shop to remove them. For smaller jobs, they can remove the dent expertly in a paintless process, but for bigger dents, a more extensive repair and painting may be necessary.

Building a long-lasting relationship with a reputable and trustworthy Bergen County auto body repair shop like Tri Boro Auto Body can have life long benefits for both you and your vehicles. It feels good to know that you are getting the best value for your money and service you can trust.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Collision Repair in Bergen County, NJ

On today's blog, we at Tri Boro Auto Body would like to discuss collision repair in Bergen county, NJ.

Collision Repair in Bergen County, NJ 
Most of the time, the extent of the damage done to your vehicle from an accident is not too extensive for the vehicle to be written off. You can have the body and engine repaired so that the vehicle stays as good as new.

When you get an accident, it is important to call your insurance company and tell them what has happened. In the case of a collision with another vehicle, do not leave the scene of the accident without a police report. The report plays a role in determining whose insurance provider between the two of you will pay for the collision repair. 

Insurance companies recommend collision repair auto shops where you can have your car repaired. However, you are not bound to having the vehicle repaired in the auto shops. You can select any other as long as they can work with your insurance company. 

Collision Repair in Bergen County, NJ 
The cost of the collision repair depends on the extent of damage done on your vehicle. Repairing the body may be a little cheaper than repairing the engine where the engine was also damaged. At Tri Boro Auto Body, we provide fair and affordable prices for  collision related repairs. 

To make it easier for you to have the collision repair paid for by the insurance, ask if the company does direct billing to the insurance company. We work with many insurance companies including major providers such as Liberty Mutual, Allstate, and more! Keep in mind that insurance policies have an excess payment that you make for costs beyond the stated maximum. 

Replacement of parts 
The kind of parts that shall be used in your vehicle determines the longevity and quality of performance after the collision repair. We only use new, high quality parts for repairing any vehicle. 

This is also a good time to have a new coat of paint on the entire body of the vehicle. You can also have some other areas that may have been having little problems here and there checked and repaired too. We would be more than happy to help.

Our expert technicians have been in the business for over thirty years. They are familiar with an innumerable amount of car makes and models. Many of our clients have referred us to their friends and have returned to us when they need collision repair in Bergen county, NJ.

To learn more about Tri Boro Auto Body, feel free to call us at (201)791-4118. One of our skilled technicians will be ready to speak to you.