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Auto Body Repair Shop Bergen County

Are you looking for an auto body repair shop in Bergen County, NJ? Tri-Boro Auto Body is a trusted and reliable auto body repair shop in Bergen County, NJ.

Auto Body Repair Shop Bergen County

Car repairs are inevitable, especially when you’ve had them for years. However, you may need an unplanned repair due to sudden unexpected situations like accidents. If you’re considering getting an auto body repair for your car in New Jersey, understand that not all auto body shops may specialize in the repairs you seek. Tri-Boro Auto Body is a certified auto body shop specializing in auto body repairs in light-duty trucks and over ten vehicle brands.

Why Get an Auto-Body Repair for Your Car?

Whether your car refuses to start or you are looking to restore your accident=damaged car, auto-body repairs offer a wide range of benefits to you. From simple body repairs and frame straightening; to paint matching and auto refinishing work, restore your automobile and quickly get back on the road without delay. So, why should you get a professional body repair for your car? Here’s why:

1.    Erase Signs of Accident Damage

No matter the type of car you drive, from upgraded car models to light and heavy-duty trucks, erase every trace of damages and restore the automobile to its pre-accident, showroom condition without compromising on its maintenance standards.

2.    Auto Refinishing for Damaged Areas

If your car received server and damages, never have to worry about the cost of getting a first-class finishing touch to the damaged area. With an advanced computerized measuring system and the newly improved Blowtherm Spray Booth, get the perfect paint match of your car to achieve that brand-new showroom appearance you desire.   

3.    Collision Related Suspension Repair

The suspension is one component of your car that keeps it functioning safely. A severe frontal collision can potentially damage this essential component.  When a collision happens, it could cause the suspension to bend, break or lose alignment, leading to poor functioning capacity, excessive tire wear, and poor fuel system. With the right auto body shop, keep your suspension and steering maximally functional even when collisions occur.

4.    Dent Removal

Getting the scratches off your car can be tasking as some dents allow the suctioning process while others do not. While it is best to replace the entire panel, especially when there are noticeable cracks, using the Paintless Dent Removal (PDA) technique works best. This procedure is used by many expert services to get the dents off your automobile. PDR requires no fillers or sanding. Why? Trained experts employ special tools like the computerized measuring tool and Blowtherm Spray Booth to slowly push back the dents without damaging the factory paint job. 

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