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Insurance for auto body shop owners

As an auto body shop owner, insurance is something that you should never trifle with. Apart from the fact that a lot of states have laws that require you to get proper insurance, there is also the fact that a lot of people look into that before making their choice. So, you need to be clear on the option you want to get.
As an auto body shop, it is important for you to work with an insurance service provider to determine your needs, especially concerning the types of insurance available to you.
Here are some options you’ll need to look through:

Business Property Insurance

This form of insurance ensures that you’re protected in the event of vandalism, smoke, fire, theft, or any other damage that occurs to your property. You also get covered if investors gets lost, if you lose office equipment (including computers, etc.) and much more. A lot of insurance companies that provide this service add business income as well. The business income pays for salaries, rent, and other expenses that need to be covered if you have to close your shop due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This provides proper protection for the most basic liability issues you could face as an auto body shop. You get covered in case you get sued due to an accident, property damage, or some other mishap.
Also, if you’ll be getting this, you might also want to get garage liability insurance, which will add several forms of liability insurance that you will need as an auto body shop.

Business owners’ Policy

The business owners’ policy is a package that was built to help small businesses it includes an amalgamation of business interruption, property, and liability claims into one policy, reducing the price to accommodate the budget of most small businesses

Employees’ Theft and Crime Coverage

Just as its name suggests, this form of coverage protects you from the cost of fraud, dishonesty, or theft committed by one or more employees at your auto body shop.

Business Auto Insurance

This is one of the most generic insurance policies that you’ll need to consider as an auto body shop, as it provides pretty wide coverage for vehicles and plants owned by your business. In addition to that, non-owned auto insurance will also be required if you have employees who use their personal vehicles for business errands.
Also, due to the fact that auto body shops provide significantly different services, it is important that you work with your insurance agent to determine if you’ll have to get some form of specialty insurance product.
The products in question will effectively combine the relevant business insurance policies, thus creating a single package that will provide all of the coverage you need.
Some of this coverage includes:

  • 1. Body shop insurance
  • 2. Tow truck insurance
  • 3. Repair shop insurance
  • 4. Transmission repair insurance
  • 5. Radiator service insurance

  • For more information about our collision repair in Bergen County, NJ, call Tri-Boro Auto Body at (201) 791-4118.

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